Legal Department

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Or better, he does not need THAT TYPE of filter. But, until there I ruin, it done before customer-suppliers and employees irremediable and are perennially made. I believe that in more than 90% of the cases, (only based in my personal experience) it is impossible I ruin to fix it. In the public service it is (more) common this type of behavior, rank (generally) the function to be exerted by concursado employee, therefore, if it does not surprise if to speak even though with somebody of your family who is concursado, before somebody asks to it: – Which the subject? It would be a dialogue more or less thus: – City hall of the City of Cabrob of the Fen, good day! – Good day! I would like to say with the Elaine (its relative concursada in that city hall) – That Elaine Sir? We have 5 & ldquo; Elaines& rdquo; here! – Elaine of the Legal Department! – Ah! Yes! & ldquo; Elaine&amp doctor; rdquo; (She emphasizes &amp well; ldquo; DOUTORA& rdquo; to leave well clearly that are MORE than you) – Yes! The Elaine Doctor (You also emphasize & ldquo; Doutora& rdquo; to leave clearly that minutinho understood message) – One that I go & ldquo; to be passando& rdquo; the linking! – Obliged! – City hall of the City of Cabrob of the Fen, Legal Department. Good day! – Good day! I would like to speak with & ldquo; Doutora& rdquo; Elaine! – Which the subject, please? – I am (uncle-friend-husband-cousin-brother-in-law-brother-neighbor.) it and he would like to speak with it. – You &amp could; ldquo; to be me adiantando& rdquo; the subject, please? (it nor heard you to speak on the kinship) – Mine lady! If I to say to the subject Mrs. GO, you to decide? – How I go to know, Sir? – How I go to know if you can decide or not? If you WILL BE ABLE I say, and will say the mayor to you that the Dra is not necessary.