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Is a real pleasure to discover the most typical dishes of Madrid, like the tripe or sea bream; sweets, such as the Huesos de Santo or the toast; without forgetting to include in this gastronomic tour the famous wines from Madrid and its tasty tapas. Restaurants in Madrid offer unique proposals, from homemade food to innovative and daring dishes. The most surprising current dishes are prepared in Madrid. The varied and novelties presented in this great capital, among the restaurants that offer food at home, in such a way that they allow to save time and effort to those who want to eat well and quickly without leaving home. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rachel Watson. In addition, many of them give access to additional discounts and exclusive offers if the customer becomes a regular consumer. The most striking feature of Madrid gastronomy has to do with his ability to adapt dishes from different geographical areas. Many of them have an origin related to the migration from many populations of Spain.

If we speak of the pastry can appoint delights such as the bunyols de wind, or balls, shingles and the waffles, which are normally consumed on holidays; the napolitanas and doughnuts of aunt Javiera 167f with a thread. There are also lesser-known recipes such as oranges to Madrid, and roasted chestnuts. There are deep-rooted customs among locals, one of them is the chop in the bars between meals. It is unusual to see people at any time of the day eating tapas in a Madrid restaurant. Typical Customs succulent tapas accompanied by the famous Vermouth (mixture of white wine, wormwood and bitter substances) include, in addition, breakfast with fritters and brandy and, at midday, especially Sundays. Some people believe that Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, was the creator of this traditional drink of the region.