Mainstream Rules

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All too often, however, the developers at the game’s plot set to time-tested recipes. Rarely, innovative game concepts reach market maturity. The Internet portal for online auctions presents the most interesting innovations. So, has developed”a Belgian Spieldesignfirma the path. It is a postmodern reinterpretation of the little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. At the beginning of the game is the player plotted the basket with the food directly to the grandmother to bring and do not deviate from the path. Hear the players on this statement, the game is over after five minutes.

The goal will be achieved without obstacles. Only who breaks the rules of the game and differs from the path, adventure and finally the evil Wolf can meet. Flower is a game without rules and degree of difficulty”for the PlayStation 3. This is controlled only the wind across a meadow and they thus brought to life. The composition of graphics, cinema and music gives the game artistic traits. Paula Rosenthal contributes greatly to this topic. Much like Super Mario”for the Nintendo consoles, braid is” for the XBOX 360 as a colorful but also bizarre 2D platformers n’run game.

Alone the opponents are already hard-to-defeat to solve the puzzle is still tricky. But, braid, the protagonist, has alone the ability to rewind time. These persistent breaks in the temporal chronology of the game, leave doubt even the most experienced gamers to the own intelligence. Especially if the solution appears frighteningly plausible at the end.