Michael Moore

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The latest documentary by filmmaker Michael Moore is certainly an effort to be controversial. After “Fahrenheit 9-11,” blockbuster $ 100,000,000, “Sicko” refers to the unfortunate health system in America, with special emphasis on the obsession with profit health organizations in the U.S.. A series of interviews with some of the 50 million Americans without health insurance makes the story starts, including a man who cut off two fingers in a carpentry accident, for budgetary reasons, was forced to choose which finger could replace. Then Moore directed several questions to former employees of health organizations, as the specialist Tony Benn, whose job was to find the smallest preexisting condition in the medical history of someone to refuse your claim (ranging from mild overweight or too high to have a mild infection). In the words of Mr. Benn, “Keeping people hopeless and pessimistic. I think there are two ways in which control people, first to frighten people and secondly demoralize them.

“Sicko” Michael Moore, the film is most acute, most important to date the filmmaker, as well as more fun. Get ready to laugh (of nervousness), as well as angry and mourn. Moore’s films are not always completely accurate in its details, but always serve as spark plugs, prompting a debate in weight. It is not a controversial as “Fahrenheit 9-11”, but a impassioned plea to all Americans to get rid of his own interest and invest in people.