New Electronic Television Magnifier TV Mouse

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new mobile screen reader TV mouse from the House of B & M as a low-cost secondary care the B & M TV mouse is engineering the price revolution in the market of the electronic TV magnifying glasses for a suggested retail price of 179,-. The B & M TV mouse can easily be connected to your TV via video in or SCART-adapter. Thus, it is possible to read newspapers, magazines, letters and greeting cards also as seeing injured relaxed again. The B & M TV mouse shows the text with a 20 times magnification on a 51 cm monitor. So you need to sit directly in front of your TV, but you can sit through the 1.5 m long cable relaxed in your Chair. By means of a WIB switch, the image can be enlarged up on the 70. The B & M TV mouse represents the image in three different modes. They quite simply change the mode a good tactile button.

Read your text as usual: with black font on a white background. Or read the text with white lettering on a black background around the eyes to spare. Both are possible. Want to see photos? No problem. The B & M TV mouse can play back your favorite photos into real color on the TV. If something is too small, you enlarge the picture at your fingertips. Also, the TV mouse using a corresponding adapter can be connected to a USB port on the computer or using a VGA box on a Computerbildschirm.Als portable version, there is a 9 “Akkumonitor in combination with the TV-mouse. Thus you can easily know-how to lead your reading help and on the balcony, on holiday or in the library.