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Planning and expert installation of Rauchwarn – and heat detectors in residential buildings in Dusseldorf, November 24, 2008 In the next year begins the retrofit requirement for smoke detectors. In the first federal States they must be installed now in new buildings as well as in existing buildings. In the newly established Special Advisor, planning and installation of Rauchwarn – and heat detectors in residential buildings accompanied egg of electronics designers and homeowners from the concept through installation to maintenance of the systems. This is the special attention to the issues of security, liability issues and minimize the total cost of ownership. Demonstrates how to use of the smoke detector series Ei605, which offers a maximum of safety at a low maintenance with integrated power supply and optional wireless networking is. The comprehensive development is available on the website of EI electronics for downloading or there can be obtained in printed form.

In the case of fire damage courts often Moreover, whether a fault on the part of the lessee, the owner of the House or of the officer during the planning phase is present. Who wants to, go play it safe to avoid later liability claims, should include certain aspects therefore in advance. Are the risks to be avoided for example: faulty or numerically insufficient installations, wrong choice of location, mounting errors and the failure of energy supply, E.g. due to missing or empty batteries. From A to Z how to minimize these risks, the 28-seitige guide of the European market leader for smoke detectors at home, specially aimed at architects, planners, contractors, homeowners, housing companies, landlords, tenants, installers and firefighters explains practical help. DIN 14676 is a guidance for a proper installation. After this, owners in seven German States must ensure that smoke detectors are installed and work permanently. Egg of Electronics offers for this purpose with integrated the VDS certified smoke detector Ei605 Lithium batteries which provide power for ten years.