North American Edison

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I met a woman who lived several months in his car and left their children with family to be able to work. Their need was such that became a millionaire based on an extraordinary effort in multilevel sales. Not went from night to morning, but you could remove the family from poverty and achieve what is proposed. A sharp desire is the beginning, but the multiple actions are will bring you wealth. A desire without action is like a plane without wings and no engine. It is good to get you nowhere. The decision to become another, helps you cross a point of no return.

Once you go in this, is an ascending path, that is going to take you to new places and learn new lessons that you don’t even dream that they might exist in this world the same trail takes you direct toward new goals and to conquer new frontiers. Neither errors nor temporary falls define who you will be. You can get what you want or something better whenever you have in great esteem and get to know the universal laws that affect your everyday life. If you want a sunrise from the West, will simply not happen and if you want to fly you don’t try it unless you go inside a plane. If you want to bend the laws of physics it is better to know them fully before attempting it. That way the Wright brothers invented the airplane. Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric light bulb say After treating more than 900 times and many others have made discoveries that seemed impossible for the limited human mind.

They say that when Edison introduced the light bulb, the invention was a novelty. They say that a journalist of the time Edison asked: why continued persisting after so many failures? Failures? Everytime I made an attempt I was learning a different way in which my invention would not work.If Edison had not persevered we knew not the society of our day. Some North American native tribes would do honor to the sentence: only Eagles dare to fly with the Eagles. You yourself know an Eagle so you can fly with the same of your species.