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Any effort you make on increasing the capacity of other processes, the only thing that will do is increase the bottleneck problem. Imagine if you add more tables in the lounge (more diners to invoice), or if you upgrading more waiters (attention faster, therefore possibility of renewal of the tables). These changes will add more work to the cashier, which has the same capacity of processing before, resulting in longer waiting for clients to receive your invoice. This week, I stopped my car to make some repairs. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Molina Healthcare. They told me it would be ready approximately on Friday. On Thursday morning a Lord of the workshop calls me to tell me that the car was ready, and that should remove it. Replied that thanks, that would try to go in the afternoon.

But he told me that it should be as soon as possible, because they had no place on the beach and should vacate it. This was a problem for me, since he had the day organized in another way, and me is not easy to move me suddenly without vehicle with my two daughters. It is always good news that jobs are completed ahead of schedule. But when this becomes the requirement of having to remove it, is moving the limitation of the enterprise customer, putting it at the service of the provider, When it should be the other way around. I was left wondering what could have been done I still in place, not to generate dissatisfaction in my clients for this reason. I concluded the following, and I propose that you analysis it in your case, once you’ve detected your restrictions. If you know in advance the possibility of seeing you exceeded / a in capacity (this’ll it analyze your bottlenecks), should notify your clients of this possibility before taking the job, and agree with them the conditions of service. For example, warn who left his car in repair that, once ready, should be removed within 12 hours notice; otherwise, the vehicle will be moved to a beach with a stay at the customer’s expense.

If the situation has come unexpectedly, surprising you by an extraordinary circumstance, you should think what alternatives you can offer to your customers that they solve the problem and are adapted to their particular needs. For example, the possibility of transferring the vehicle to another Beach, or take it you at the customer’s location, or you can send a transport so you can remove it, etc. In short, do not charge customer your restrictions. For this you should know them well and work on them, to increase their capacity and not reaching these situations. The next time you enter your company, please look where work accumulates: customers waiting, papers to be processed, materials in waiting, etc. It will there be oblige to where you start working. I hope you have been helpful this information, and if you want to deepen on quality of service, I invite you to visit us at the site listed below. Thanks a lot! Mariana Pizzo Ingeniera Industrial dedicated to the development of quality in services.