Plastic Slopes

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Every day more and more people change their old wooden windows with modern plastic ones. But normally the window replacement work is not limited. Still need to put in order and slopes. Slopes are called the inner walls of the niche window opening. Many people believe that selecting the correct window and zapeniv can forget about the apartment or house insulation.

Of course it is not. Not protected by the foam is quickly gaining moisture and temperature changes is destroyed. Exactly so installing or plaster and Shpatlevanie slope is an integral part of the replacement windows. Clamped slopes, we do not we give only the aesthetic appearance of the window opening well and thus defend the welds assembly and assign a room additional thermal and sound insulation. Improper clamped slopes can lose up to 40% of the heat. For this we consider several mounting options slopes and choose the most optimal. The slopes of the drywall. Plasterboard slopes, with proper installation, can last much more than plaster.

But the drywall material is not waterproof, so these slopes can be installed only in rooms with low humidity levels. Plastered and zashpatlevannye slopes. Of course, plaster soffits are many more disadvantages than advantages. Plaster begins to crack over time, painting loses its color when exposed to sunlight, and sometimes even fall off. Well, the biggest drawback is that for the production of the slope takes a very long time. The slopes are not sealed in a single layer, with each layer requires a certain time drying.