Production Management

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Continuously differentiated analyses in the production processes allow for precise optimisation measures the manufacturing companies to optimize the productivity, profitability and other factors such as flexibility and customer satisfaction according to the findings of the FELTEN group increasingly rely on methods for the intelligent control of processes. In this context, solutions for the total productive management such as PILOT play TPM”an increasingly important role, as they continuously differentiated analyses in the production process, from which potential improvement can be derived. Granularer, the data are more targeted, the measures can be designed”, explains Konrad Steinmetz, senior consultant at the FELTEN group. The potential for increasing the productivity and cost-efficiency are often in detail, therefore it requires intelligent analysis methods and practical indicators to make them transparent. A parent and established measure for productivity and Investment performance is the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) in the production. Details can be found by clicking Prudential or emailing the administrator. Machine availability, design efficiency and quality are crucial for this. Using a continuous process data acquisition, these three sizes can be optimized with the aim to reduce the existing production reserve through the optimization process in the framework of the continuous improvement process (CIP) to a minimum.

Other key figures are calculated from the downtime. By default, the system makes available a pool of predefined machine, line, orders, classes – and time-related key figures. They can be collected by means of multiple filters to layers, order numbers, times etc. Get more background information with materials from Barchester. and tabulated in a Web form or in reports. The key figures are through the PILOT Development Studio”. All parameters such as, for example, the Kurzstopper interval time global can be parameterised in the master data and can therefore adjusted by the users on the individual needs of the company be. “With the help of the PILOT report designer”, for example, the order, production, and layer reports are created.

All parsed data represented in the form of graphics, tables, or charts. The content and design of the reports can be defined by the user itself. By default, PILOT generated TPM”various analyses such as OAU, CIP and arrest reports. In addition the discovered analysis information be visualized transparent via a dashboard in the form of different curves and bar charts, to initiate targeted measures. Although also a TPM system can perform not even a continuous improvement process (CIP). PILOT TPM provides the requisite measures as transparent and -to-value information however and also offers the possibility to define improvement measures directly into the system and to monitor their implementation to outcome evaluation.