Professional Liability Insurance Tests

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Anyone looking for in this area, unfortunately not find it is a test for all the professions? Many people know that: you want to take out an insurance, is not sure yet what provider to choose. Must agree to the terms and conditions and the price, but compare itself is cumbersome and time consuming. How well is it because there is the Stiftung Warentest in Germany that independent tests all kinds of services and products. But doctors, lawyers or trustees read an investigation into the insurance mandatory for these occupational groups, they will not find it. And the reason is that there is no test such a thing as a professional liability insurance policy or only rarely. Reason for this is that there are too many different professions. How should the demands and the services of a midwife can meaningfully compare with a financial adviser? Or by a doctor with an architect? Each profession has different requirements for professional liability insurance and best provider for all determine is impossible.

Tests for the respective occupational groups would then at least professional indemnity insurance possible? The forms that perform economic activities, to very differ. An architect with a handful of orders in the year needs an other hedging as an architectural firm, which has a volume of several million euros and plans major construction projects. The different responsibilities of the professions give another example. Recently New York Life sought to clarify these questions. A lawyer may be primarily active accountant or liquidator as custodians, executors, arbitrator, mediator. A criterion that makes it difficult for a comparison of the professional liability insurance, is the form, as each exerts his profession. Although two stockbrokers may have the same volume of orders, but one in the field is working and much car on the road, while the other works primarily on a computer at home. One needs a strong legal protection for traffic during the others do without it.

On individual and independent advice should not be dispensed with all of these points it is not surprising that there no or only very few tests for professional liability insurance is. And the insurer direct on the personal and individual advice can be used to determine which form of protection and how much is needed. With any insurer, it is possible to complete a professional liability insurance policy directly. The only recommendation, which may be pronounced, is that everyone should order an independent adviser, which compares not only products of a provider.