Psychology Technologies

We follow you criticize of some professionals against Video, the TV and the infantile daily Internet in/adolescent, however the valley to stand out that the problem beyond the content of the cited item, as parents and educators the ideal for suggestion is to monitor the time excused to such activities, since it is of the knowledge of that situations of the life human being are loaded of positive and negative characteristics. Thinking about the negative consequences carried through studies in recent years they prove that the excess of time ahead of these technologies results in the reduction of the social interaction, weight increase (since they are hours and generally they are fed of incorrect form) and in many cases aggressiveness. Associated to these facts we find the question of the social violence and the absence of the parents (that they work each time more to supply the necessities), feeling if its children safer will be inside of house. The trend is that these young and children become adult sedentary. This increase of the technologies cannot be rejected, since it promotes benefits in the daily activities. Assuming themselves of the concept of Homostasis of the Physics and the Biology that if she relates to the balance and transposing it in Psychology it mentions itself to the dynamic balance of the aspects: mind and body. Considering the positive consequences the described technologies above they contribute for the motor development, stimulates attention, concentration and perception, logical reasoning. The diversity of activities facilitates healthful a physical and mental development; the oxigena physical activity the brain, produces disposal, the sport in group develops the social relations and contributes for solution of problems, potencializa/develops the creativity, control of the anxiety, etc. Uses to advantage what the scientific evolution offers in them balancing external activities (dances, sports, languages, strolls to shopping; parks) with the interns (in the tranquillity of the home). It is part of the life of its son sharing the moments same that in the distance! If it will have difficulties with its son counts on our aid.