Restaurants In Barcelona

Although Japanese food has many lovers and devotees, not everyone is able to eat raw fish and chewing seaweed. The truth is that it is a very healthy and balanced meal. I’m not especially devoted to her, but when recommend me this Japanese with a Western touch dared me to try it. And I loved it. The Miu restaurant, in the heart of Barcelona, offers Japanese cuisine and some of the dishes with a European touch. The local is very cosy and is accessed down a fantastic ladder. Although it is soberly decorated, it has modern touches and predominant light blue.

With two separate rooms, although it is not a very big place and tables are something together. Even so, it remains a comfortable place and attention is exquisite. After having gone several times, I have a fairly clear idea of my essential dishes. Those that never disappoint and that are worth testing: Donburi Katsudon: white rice with battered spine. Hot Philadelphia: makis with salmon and onion.

Tori No Karaage: Delicious marinated and breaded chicken. Tempura: This dish is a must. The vegetable tempura is delicious and is very soft. Truffles Miu: For dessert, you truffles Sesame and green tea. The best of all the price. A couple of dishes per person and a dessert often go on about 20, so the value for money is very good. If you want to try a Japanese at a good price, the Miu restaurant is fine. If you choose an accommodation in Barcelona in the Eixample, sees some of these delicious restaurants: La taverna del Clinic, best patatas bravas of Barcelona. This tavern is famous for their “patatas bravas”, and if you decide to visit it we recommend you try the Mini Sepioneta with peas or the Foie Extra with Mango’s Chudney. These restaurants in Barcelona is located in the street Rossello, just opposite of the entrance of the Hospital Clinic metro. Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo, top quality tapas in Barcelona. This cozy restaurant is located on the corner of Muntaner and Corsega Street, and is an excellent place to enjoy quality tapas. The restaurant is not very big, so you may want to get early or make a reservation with a little advance. We recommend montadito de brie cheese with black pepper, or croquettes of fish and seafood. Habaluc, healthy and creative cuisine in Barcelona. This charming restaurants in Madrid is located in one of the most beautiful streets of L Eixample, en la calle Enric Granados 41. It’s healthy and tasty, appetizing and delicious food. The portions are abundant and have some vegetarian dishes. The homemade desserts are buenisimos, coconut and dulce de leche cheesecake is Vice.