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How can women learn it, elegant walking on high heels? High heeled shoes are very elegant and chic, but women must run long and much exercise until it thus. There are various tips and advice on how running on such high heels work properly soon. High heels are the perfect companion when it comes to accessories to dresses or skirts in summer. You make long legs, conjure up a beautiful butt and also still very elegant and chic look. But like the celebrities elegant and perfectly on this high shoes to run, it requires much exercise and training. First, it is it absolutely necessary that the calf muscles are trained using the high heels just a few hours at the beginning of the day. Then, you should again get flatter shoes to relieve the foot and the calf muscles.

This slow build-up helps to prevent subsequent cramps in the calves. Also, the heel height should be increased also slowly to avoid pain and injury. For this purpose, also platform shoes suitable because the foot is there not so steep in the shoe and particularly the plateau look also still beautiful sandals. Another advantage of these shoes is it in them to look elegant without having major problems when running. To relieve the ball of the foot while wearing high shoes, cushion into the shoe should be glued in addition.

These pads act as a cushion and prevent the feet slip too far forward and develop blisters or sores on the top of the foot. When wearing high heels, their heel height greater than 10 cm, it makes sense to wear them until it has no problems or pain more when walking so long only in the apartment. Only when you feel safe, you should dare with the high heels on the road, because uneven roads or pathways are unpleasant and also dangerous for women, these high heels are not accustomed. Regular training and consistent practicing walking on high heels but soon is no longer a problem.