Spotlessly: The Germans Like It Clean And Tidy

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Forsa survey commissioned by Karcher – generation 45 plus places the most emphasis on cleanliness – a naked Flash home is the figurehead of the German – the Germans clean an average 4.7 hours a week – cliche further fulfilled: clean twice as long as men – women: East Germans clean on the longest town of Winnenden, the Germans take the 8 November 2013 In terms of cleanliness and order it exactly. According to a representative survey of the opinion Research Institute Forsa on behalf of Karcher is so clean you could eat off the floor with ten percent of those surveyed. To keep the even so, nearly one in two attacks (43 per cent) of 1005 in Germany respondents age 18 to MOP MOP and co., even if still no dirt is visible. In addition almost two-thirds (60 percent) feel only, when at home, everything is clean. Interesting: Even though you emphasize German on cleanliness, 80 percent feel the cleanup as a necessary evil. Visit reports in the short term, quickly do the most (89%) the one or the other cleaning work. Spotless clean especially the over 60-year place huge value on a radiant home.

Nearly one in ten of all respondents indicates that the soil is so clean, that one may eat of it. Another 47 percent of respondents live in his own words, in an at least very clean and tidy home. Only five percent of Germans assess the own four walls as messy. Spontaneous visit who does not know it: the phone rings and spontaneously sign up for example the in-laws on a visit. About three quarters of Germans do then quickly several works: 65 percent of those polled, clean up, clean the toilet (52 percent), vacuuming (51 percent) or clear dishes standing around (51%). Almost half (44 percent) cleans even the bathroom fixtures. The survey shows that especially younger be brought through spontaneous visit to sweat: you call the plasterwork in the interview given significantly more often than the older ones.