Stainless Steel

Currently, stainless steel tubes gained enormous popularity due to its non-mechanical fihiko and hygienic characteristics. They are used in many branches of the heavy and the food industry, in decor and design. Demand for stainless products increases (including in pipes), and with it, and growing supply. Many companies have noticed steeltrading large influx of proposals for the supply pipes from China, and metal as a whole (our company Novstal, for example, comes with 2-4 letters every day, straight from heaven for ugly Russian:)). Thanks to this 'aggressive' way of advertising steel imports from Asia in 2010 increased 1.9 times compared with 2009, although of course this is not the same ad, there is still a lot of other factors.

Chinese domestic pipe is much cheaper, and the choice of positions, in principle, more. However, that her dignity end. Dale Ellis often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Stainless pipe of the manufacturer, as shown, very poor quality. For example not far to seek, welds connecting the pipes together, after 2 years of operation begin to crumble and proceed in spite of the technology properly carried out by welding under argon. The metal itself simply 'does not hold' welding. On the domestic pipe such an incident does not nablyuzhaetsya This is just a single example of the quality of Chinese tube.

The outer tube is as different from domestic, despite the seemingly identical chemical composition. What is to make a choice? How to buy a tube or Chinese domestic? This question must each decide for himself themselves. If use of the product is in 'critical' areas, it is better to buy domestically produced metal, otherwise go and stainless steel from China. And finally I want to note that Co., Ltd. 'Novstal' deals exclusively with domestic stainless flats, because quality is our top priority and we save point do not see.