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With the passage of time I realized that success in all areas, (social, family, economic) among others, has a direct relationship with our Personal growth. Here you’ll find important fragments of many well-known authors to help you in your personal development. All that you have and you are the day of today, is simply the result of everything you did and thought in the past. Rules to win friends and influence people DALE CARNEGIE # 1. Stomatal interested in others.

# 2 Smile. # 3 Remember that the name of a person is the sound more important and sweet. # 4 Be a good listener, encourage others to talk about himself. # 5 Always speak of what you are interested in the neighbor. # 6 Make the other person feel important.

# 7 Show respect for the opinions of others, never tell the neighbor that is wrong. # 8 If you make a mistake admitalo quickly and enthusiastically. # 9 Start in an amicable way. # 10.Consiga that the other person says Yes, if immediately. # 11.Deja whatever your interlocutor who speak more. I invite you to leave me your comments, then we will continue to communicate with more valuable information for your personal growth. My wishes for success and prosperity for you which is located in the pursuit of learning. Atte. Jhoan Rodriguez original Autor and source of the article