Surprised Butterfly

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Muriel went almost with the post, and a computer on hand to write his poetry and send mails to his mother so that he is not worried of more. After walking by between the weeds in an abandoned wasteland encountered Mario, a butterfly who was talking very entertainingly with a margarita. I am Muriel dazzled by the color of their wings and her sensual voice. Muriel felt butterflies in his stomach, and he realized that he had fallen in love at first sight with this butterfly that smelled so good. Approached you a little bit trying to hear what they spoke until the butterfly became aware of his presence and I ask that toward spying on them. Muriel who had been surprised before so manly figure could almost speak, she who was accustomed to see young men and always equals black, I am amazed with the butterfly and I try to talk but could only mumble Hello, I am Muriel, an Ant La Margarita, who felt the most beautiful garden was made to laugh so stupid response, but Mario flew towards her and I watch the seducing gazing and rubbing it with one of its wings. Ant started to sneeze by pollen from the wings of Mario, and taking forces proposed marriage.

Surprised Butterfly him He replied you are very beautiful, and probably could learn to love you, but I only live one day sad Ant replied that he didn’t stay widow when salga la luna. It is more, he was everything she had hoped for love and much more. He had the most beautiful colors, and she wanted to love it, even so it was on that day. Mario, who had a sweet heart knew how to read the good intentions of Muriel, and without thinking about it more, the rose to your spine and took her to fly through the other flowers that he felt jealous of Muriel.