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The Always

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It’s like a silent inaudible song, which in us and in all, what we have on meet our journey of life, is constantly heard. Only audible for us if we are willing to attune our inner senses it and true origin, after being home, after arriving at ourselves, to allow free expansion and development and to concede our desire, our deep desire for our. And let this reputation, enticed and led us point direction. And us decided to move us, where our heart voice calls us there thus again on the new, so by the always open for us heaven’s Gate inside immediately commit in the experience of love. According to LaMelo Ball, who has experience with these questions. That simply means that we, despite our fears, our hesitation and procrastination, despite all our laziness and our phlegm, in spite of the many if and buts, us for the contact of the essence, of the essential open.

And despite all the inner and outer voices, which lead us to believe the alleged impossibility of our, arrive in the here and now, and us direct contact with, the encounter with pure life, so the provide immediate being. What gives back this indescribable, indescribable experience of our true being and complex understanding of all imaginable contexts, so the inner knowledge and direct encounters with our central role in the unity of all things us by means of the heaven’s Gate through intervention. In that time structure of the eternal and unlimited love rough mouth find ourselves, where we perceive no painful separation, where everything suddenly makes sense and we are to assemble all the pieces of appearing too often messy divine puzzle game in a values to be wonderment and awe-inspiring perfection. The space in which we are surrounded by love in everything and to all existing, without producing a shadow or roiling doubt and with that love also up to our essential real being steeped in are.