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Getting Stressed

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You might think that you have a real problem that you stressed, worried or upset and to feel happy that this situation has to change. But you’d think if I told you that there are no real problems and that the only problem that you have to deal are your thoughts about what you’re living? Let’s look at this situation. Someone loses his job and thinks it’s a serious problem, suffers for it and imagines the worst scenarios. Another person loses his job and thinks it’s a good opportunity to do what he really likes to relax and even to change course. Two people are living exactly the same situation, they have lost the job, one sees as one problem, the other as an opportunity then how can be to lose the work is the real problem? If it were, all people who lose work should feel just as stressed and not so. The only problem is actually in your mind, all those horror stories you accounts, what losing your job It means.

These stories are not real and prevent you from thinking clearly and seeing the possibilities that arise before thee. It is a very good news to know (or at least open to the possibility) that nothing external has the real ability to affect you, because as you’ve seen is not in your hands to change the outside world. Only when you discover that the real cause of your suffering are your thoughts you can put your energy in the right direction and work the only thing you can control, your inner world. Questioning your thoughts, and free yourself from stress and now that you know that the source of your problems are your thoughts, I wonder how I can do to deal with them?. Byron Katie, author of the best seller love what is tells us that when we believe our thoughts we suffer and when we questioned them cease to suffer.