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In order to bathe a baby new born, it does not have to bathe in a bathtub. At the outset, when still they have the navel, sponge baths are only due to give him. This takes control of a hand towel and you will have to only wash from the cleanest area to the dirtiest area, always with water and rather soap, first in his carita and later the rest of the body. The care of the umbilical cord is very important, since if does not occur him the appropriate attention can even cause to him to an infection and the death. What we recommended the parents to him is that where is the navel, only in that area where is the skin and the navel they clean to him with alcohol.

Because the system of defenses of the baby not yet has been developed absolutely, it is necessary to protect it of being exposed to germs of all type. You must also say to him to the hermanitos that the baby is not a toy and that is not a doll. In addition they must have well-taken care of of not giving him to kisses in his carita because the greatest children can have gripa or something that can cause infection to him to baby. The experts recommend that him DES sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls to him, which will help to prevent any type with secondary infection. He contacts your doctor in case the baby gives samples of infection like the following: If to your baby he gives fever him, or if the color of the umbilical cord is red and inflation around, or if the cord continues bleeding, it emanates yellowish pus, and it produces a liquid with bad scent. The American doctors of the Academy of Paediatricians, recommend to use soap without perfuming since sometimes the baby can be very sensible to perfumes of soaps.