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Website: The Internet is a very important part of the work from the 1st freestyle Club in Germany and the development and expansion of the Internet platform must be the primary objective for the new Board to bind directly nationwide members and other interested parties. It serves the public representation and presence, serves as an information medium and as a communication medium. On the home page information about the following fields will be found: 1 freestyle Club Germany dance – freestyle fight for the world record in hip hop freestyle hip hop – freestyle graffiti downloads productions artist development program events / divided in provinces and cities idea of culture offices idea of labels linking with all involved links to the partners setting up banners music and videos idea involved arranging internship opportunities provision of training which is home by inferior to their structure and their contents a constant and steady development process, which necessarily must be supported by all Club members or supports. Advice: 1 freestyle Club Germany wants to serve as a point of contact for musicians or companies / institutions in its practical work and assume therefore advisory functions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Adidas has to say. This is the one about the website and the content there and on the other in the direct advice by individual members or by the mediation thing competent persons / institutions. This is done in connection with the direct or indirect offer of internship or training places. In a question-answer forum Jayme Albin Psychologist was the first to reply. Thus arise following modules of advice: promotion of production matters negotiations arranging internship opportunities arranging training reconnaissance work should not only via the Internet presence of the 1st FC Germany run, but including about workshops.

These are offered in youth centres, schools, and homes. Networking: The network construction and outfitting is fundamental basis for the activities of the Association. The network of members, musicians, bands, public institutions, companies and interested parties makes it possible, to achieve the goals of the Association and to represent the interests of the individual divisions or musicians.