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In many mass media always we observed the supply of natural products of how eliminating the hemorroides, but In truth they are of confidence? , many do not dare to accede because they think that they can lose its money, but always is necessary to consult all components of the offered product and to analyze if the sources of intelligence are of confidence, in addition also has the option to follow effective methods already verified of how fighting the hemorroides. To begin diet balanced and healthful will help him to you to reduce considerably his problem of hemorroides, because in this type of feeding the integral fruits, vegetables, vegetables and cereals are present, that also contain in their nutrients the essential fiber for the good operation of the internal in the expulsion of lees, giving him to these also a soft and inoffensive consistency. To take brings back to consciousness of which if you do not strive its problem only will get worse, the responsibility to realise routine exercises does not have to lack at the moment. One sentadilla weighs forms to me intermediate and smooth abdominal movements 15 minutes to the day help to relax muscles to eliminate pressures in the rectum, in addition because we accelerated our metabolism soon to take advantage of them in consuming healthy foods for a fast recovery. The use of creams and ointments with the analgesic premises helps to stop their annoyances to give a little him more time to look for more methods of how fighting the hemorroides. The walls of the intestine always this place setting of a protective mucosa, when one has hemorroides this protection is debilitated, a good formula to end this problem is using supositorios that lubricate the pads of the hemorroides to avoid near harshness; the use of certain medicinal plants by means of seat baths also resists the symptoms and some even own curative properties, between which we found the horse tail, manzanilla, aloe side, eucalyptus, etc. You must remember that all the supplies or announcements are not false, finds out well on different products, because some of these could to you to save of the hemorroides, but always you can use these advice who if it is verified that helps to fight the hemorroides.