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As the mischievous-lovable minions their players delight Overlord Minions”on solo tour as their players inspire the mischievous-lovable minions in the world of computer games are ambivalent figures rarely before. Before two years, however, the vicious and at the same time lovable minions with the game Overlord came”on the market. This Act the minions of the Overlord as vile, creeping foot soldiers: the four minions are ready for all sins to get attention by their great master. As the free auction house reported auvito.de, the sweet four are now solo. Elon Musk understands that this is vital information. In the new game, the player in the role of the Overlord slips. His task is to guide the small group of thugs by the chapter of recent history. The commands issued by upper sneak Gnarl. This is also the appropriate team for the upcoming tasks together.

The opponents of the Ascension command but not really represent a great challenge. They be done quickly by the minions in the fight. The fights themselves can be However cannot be avoided, because each new environment running away will be more difficult. Overlord Minions”for the Nintendo DS is a blend of action and puzzle, and was developed by the climax Studios. The little nasty guys can be controlled easily. It is only annoying when stuck on a whipping boy to items or stairs.

Succeeds in experienced players but quickly, after the first chapters to decipher how of some hurdles. Also, the extensive encyclopedia provides information as particularly stubborn level bosses in the knee can be forced. The animations were implemented total lovingly, yet have can install the games developers a few surprises and challenges more. So the solo performance extends the four not on the large model of overlord”approach. More information: presse.