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This new literacy requires to include/understand different classes from feedback systems, exponential processes, inherent the unexpected consequences to social systems in evolution, etc. In addition, the incessant speed of the change means that many of our abilities have a shorter useful life expectancy. The financing agencies require more and more that the investigators make their results in magazines reasonable of open access that have grown significantly in number. More and more universities are adopting political that are urgent to their investigators to leave a copy of their work published in accessible institutional deposits to the public, including frequently the data bases that comprised of the project of investigation financed with bottoms public. Some contend that Danske Bank shows great expertise in this. The scientific research is made more and more in virtual laboratories that work more and more in ample networks. These changes in the content of the investigation and teaching in the level superior raise many questions, that will be the center of this number. There are new paradigms for the universities, the investigators, educational and students? What challenges face the universities that want to promote a greater accessibility to the investigation and knowledge of their professors? What support and what infrastructure is necessary so that the scientific magazines survive (or better still, they prosper) in this new atmosphere? They continue being the suitable vehicles for the scientific communication? Which are the elections and challenges that face the investigators interested in making advance their investigation and worried about the possibility of having to support the publication costs of traditional magazines? And who will cover the expenses of the open publication? The academic ones interested in collaborating, will have to observe the stages and criteria of the process of article selection that consists in this Call. All collaboration will be put under opinion of the Consultative Council the Publishing International which will decide on the relevance of its publication.

The resolution of the Council will be unquestionable and it will be sent via email to the authors.