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DAA Economics Academy

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Information evening at the end of State-Certified Business Manager (m/f) on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 is in the DAA Economics Academy in Dusseldorf an information evening to study the conclusion ‘ State-Certified Business Manager (m/w)’ instead. At 18: 00, Ralf Schafer, headmaster of the DAA Economics Academy Dusseldorf, over the course of the study the study of Economics informs. In the context of the information evening offered the opportunity is prospective, the DAA Economics Academy to learn and to speak with school management, teachers and students. In addition, also an appointment for an individual consultation can be arranged. Currently around 350 merchants perceive in Dusseldorf the course offer the DAA Economics Academy. The studies with State-recognized degree takes four semesters full-time, evening study is completed in seven semesters.

After an introductory phase, specialize in the budding economists in the subjects distribution management/marketing, personnel, accounting and control or Business Informatics. In addition to they prepared the gain knowledge with practical and action-oriented teaching methods on management positions in small and medium-sized enterprises. Successful offers is state-certified business managers the ability to a Bachelor’s degree postgraduate studies in Lincoln (UK) or at the HFH Hamburger fern-Hochschule.