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Ballroom Party

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Invitation of 15 years 15 years invitations are a very important part of any party, since without them, anyone may attend, but party are also very important because they are the first impression of what will be your party of fifteen years. Surely all quinceaneras looking for new models that are eye-catching and very nice. Before choosing the invitations we must take into account what will be the theme of our party of 15 years, and once you select the theme we can go for the invitations. You can choose the colors you want although it is recommended than you going to also be used in the decoration of the Ballroom. The only downside we could have with these invitations, is that they may possess a fairly high value. Some tips and ideas are: placing your big name so that it is highlighted and see that you it’s your party for 15 years.

You will also need to put the address of the Festival Hall so that no one is left without being able to go. Then your guests can stay with the invitation card as a memento of your 15 birthday, where you save the remembrance or souvenir for the large number of guests. If you want the party to be elegant you have to take into account: the tone of the paper (light colors or pastels as the white, ivory, etc.), the writing, the envelope, the letter (which has to be classical and conservative. If you want to highlight your name you could do so through a relief). A good idea is to add a seal on sealing for him a most original touch. If the party is formal and you want that your guests are consistent with the circumstances you can add the word formal or elegant, so they know how they will need to be dressed. If your party will be a more innovative air you can do a rustic card. For this you can use more vibrant colors, paper with textures of corrugated cardboard, seeds, flowers, etc.

The letter has to be modern (do not forget to highlight your name with another color or another type of letter either). If you’re a fan of the seal it has to be the color of the letter with the objective that highlight and in turn is all combined. Now if your party has a theme in particular, have to let know the guests through the card, for example if it is about halloween might have a castle shape, if the theme of the feast is the circus, might have the face of a clown, etc. For these occasions, the fantasy card are very original, the letter will depend on the drawing you choose that on the basis of the same you will have to see that color and typeface to be highlighted more. Invitations with pictures may contain two photos, where you can place any photograph in which you were still very small and some that you took for the photo shoot of your party. In this way we will see the passage of time and miss you ever. Pink colors are those who really dominated, but it is clear that colors can adapt them so that they are perfectly consistent with the theme that you are using in your celebration of fifteen years. You can also make a card with casual style, they will always be fashionable. The most important thing is that through the same guests are can go imagining how they will be your 15 years. Invitation of 15 years