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“RSS” stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s a new way to distribute content. All content: websites, blogs, forums, etc. To explain what this means, for once let’s start at the end. Content from RSS feeds can be displayed by an RSS newsreader. You and I as end users or consumers of that content, you can read it by installing a news reader (more on that later). You have to put a URL of an RSS feed that reading news (as you put a web address in your browser). You can recognize these RSS URL by a small graphic showing the orange RSS or XML. If you click such graphic with the right mouse button you can copy the URL (Copy Shortcut) and paste this into your news reader. (Some sites may only have a text “RSS” or “union” link which is basically the same.)

With this URL, the newsreader (if online) includes the RSS feed is available at the URL, read the data feed and displays it on the reader. The RSS feed does contain information on the titles, descriptions and other data on the content of the publisher. It is written in a special language (XML / RSS, easy to learn), but that is outside the scope of this article. And finally, the RSS feed is made by the publisher of the content. Most times the software does the job. And very often this software is used in combination with blogs. That’s why many people mix them. Now, to end this confusion, get this: – A blog is like the contents of a website or article while – RSS is a way of distributing content RSS The main benefits to end users or consumers The main benefit an end user or consumer of RSS is that you can subscribe to content provided by publishers without giving personal information such as email address.