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As the number of Internet users and the level of awareness of the network, the Internet-related Chinese companies behave more actively in the global market and capital transactions are becoming more frequent. On April 2, 2009, Changyou, games company Sohu part, entered the Nasdaq Stock Exchange New York. Thus, Sohu became the first Chinese company linked to the Internet that has two stock companies. Changyou shares were acquired by a value 19 times the original price and had an initial price of $ 22.06, up from 37.9%. On September 26, 2009, Shanda Games landed on the Nasdaq, which means a good start for that Shanda will become a listed company. Leju Sina is the third case the value of initial public offering overseas.

On 16 October, the Corporation Real Estate Information of China (CRIC, acronym in English), a mixed capital company Leju Ehouse Sina and China, began trading on the Nasdaq with a starting price of $ 12.28 , more than expected. Analysts believe that the successful stock exchange listing of CRIC is netiziation accelerating the real estate industry and market approval by the Chinese foreign service providers Internet. Talking about the export of the strength of the Internet in China in 2009, the beginning of the use of a domain.?? a in Chinese characters instead of a . Cna , is a symbolic event. On November 16, 2009, China formally presented the request of the domain a .?? a to the Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, an acronym in English), which approved the use of so on the network. It is expected that by early 2010 Chinese Internet users worldwide will be able to type Chinese characters in domain and web page addresses. Since then, Chinese companies will have their own domains in Chinese and need not transcribe the Latin alphabet. Xiaogan Xiong, one of the founders of IDG Capital, said that alongside the growth in the number of Chinese netizens, which may exceed 300 million, will provide more space for the development of Internet in China.