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This situation causes glasses, cartons and bits of food are subject to suit for the little ones and main source of contamination, since animals like cats and dogs in search of food stirred wastes and debris spread. Faced with this panorama, the departments of environment agree qualify this system of cash and innovative, despite the great economic investment that is needed to install a network of underground pipelines in the city. Several options: System static or mobile pneumatic collection system fixed or static consists of a few mailboxes placed in the street or floodgates of spill in the interior of buildings. There is a niche in which each neighbor can place rubbish when you want, without limitation of time. These wastes are transported daily from homes, buildings and places where wastes are generated through the network of underground pipelines, connected to the mailbox to get them to a plant or central to a speed of 60 kilometers per hour using a strong stream of air.

Once there they are depending on their composition. The main advantage of these plants is that they make it possible to technically distinguish destinations. It allows proper operation in areas where it was unthinkable to perform selective collections in the traditional way. In these treatment centers, garbage is organized into containers and drive air is filtered to be issued clean into the atmosphere. Treatment plants can be simple collection and reception of waste or recycling. Later, containers are removed from the control unit by means of a truck and each fraction of waste is sent to its destination. In the same way that any neighbor deposited his garbage in the corresponding mailbox, the innkeepers have their own deposits to throwing waste, traditional green igloo, implanted widespread in all cities. Those who have a large commercial area and where the containers cannot be installed by the own historical helmets terrain using door pick systems to door.