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Real change only happens when we make it part of our daily lives. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Prudential. When a change becomes a habit, not something new we’re trying, but becomes part of what we do in our routine. I was reading a Wynona Judd interview and asked about their diet. She replied that she was not on a diet, she was in “A live it.” I thought this was great because the risk of a diet or any change is not sticking to it. We will not live it.

Simply, it will be until we get the results we want, or discouraged, and go back to our old habits. A life that is not something that we do for a short time, but something we do for life. Permanent change comes only when integrating the change in our lives and form a new habit. MetLife will not settle for partial explanations. Everything we do is habit. From up in the morning and brush our teeth, next to the bed to put ourselves at the end of the day. Habits may seem the actions that are difficult to add to your life. However, there was a time when taking a bath was not a habit, and as children we could have even tried to get out of taking baths.

Other daily habits we have as brushing our teeth or eating certain foods are all habits that form at one time or another. Habits become habits because of repetition. If you do something enough times it will become a habit. The trick is not trying to change too many things at once. It takes time to form a habit, so pick one or two things I would like to live, and begin to integrate these changes in your life. Focusing only on one or two new changes until they become a habit, or what I refer to as getting a cellular level. Once the changes are integrated into your life and really live, test the application of another change or two. It may not seem like much, but if you just created a new habit a year, you will have ten new habits over a period of ten years. Note that I do not mean to break a habit or get rid of a habit. I do not think possible. Honestly, I think we need to replace or change the habit. The universe abhors a vacuum, so that we can not eliminate the habit, it will leave a vacuum and something will have to fill. If not replace the habit with a new one, it is likely that the old back. Creating new habits is simply to decide what you want more or less, and then creation of habits that will allow you to achieve that goal. So instead of going into something or make temporary changes, decide what you want to be different, and live.