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From this point of view we have reason to wonder whether enough of what we hope to receive because otherwise we are not in a position to effectively and certainly not what we expect to receive. We add, we consider that human beings are endowed with an immense capacity to give, it's just that throughout his life could have accumulated experiences that for some reason they did change their behavior in terms of allowing free expression that he is encouraged to give, or simply the medium in which grew not assure you enough opportunity to witness what may be the sharing harmony. The reasons that prompted him to make this decision to change its behavior can be as varied as human beings on this planet. The truth is that each person reacts differently to certain situations, while for some of us may be termed a minor, for others it can be a very relevant question, and it is precisely this diversity of approaches to the same circumstances that makes the most interesting human beings on the planet. Precisely, the Center shows that starting from this understanding we are better able to understand why some people find it hard to give, even if their intent is just that.

In such cases it may be useful to us to place ourselves in the experience we are living in the moment, because if it is true that one learns from experience and this knowledge helps us to avoid repeating the mistakes, the fact remains that if we adopt an attitude of predispose us again expecting the same things happen, are somewhat difficult to have success in a new experience. If we stand at present connected with that inner source we all have, and chose to let flow all the time that we wish to express a big step that will allow us to be much more effective at sharing, mainly with regard to giving. This requires overcoming the waste could even stay past experiences, or if you do not have benchmarks as to how to do, start doing it by trial and error making the necessary adjustments as they we present, but if we started giving is unlikely to ever get to receive as much as we aspire. Finally as far as identifying the scope of knowledge giving, sharing is generating that their actions are far-reaching, will linger, especially when doing so selflessly help their peers. Do not leave unattended. m