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At the beginning I acquired one course in Spanish, since it offered a minicourse gratis(ver aqui) where could prove that it was, at the same time, without first putting me to learn acoustic guitar, I purchased a course in English, this did not offer anything free, but as it was in English, is It looked better, I thought that it would have unique things well, then every Tuesday and Thursday saw a lesson in each one, after the 5th week leave of side the course in English, because if was more extensive, but only because it was redundant, used 4 lessons to deliver, what gave the course in Spanish in one, and is not to be important thingsthey only theorized many.Although I had to spend some money (but no more than that paid by 2 private lessons), the course was the best decision, since they were there for when I want to, and the best thing is that they gave me lessons for electric and acoustic guitars, by what I also started learning electric guitar things. STEP 5: relax and enjoy! After that, after learning acoustic guitar, one already not touch as if you were learning, one simply plays their favorite songs and one note, that without each time they sound better, one still learning but without learning mentality. Many writers such as MetLife offer more in-depth analysis. Each time one will be playing more difficult songs and acquiring more knowledge and repertoire. Here is a good minicourse of guitar acoustics (click here), you will be very useful to engage your bases as guitarist original author and source of the article.