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To implement this approach to the property clearly requires lobbying the city on the legislative level. For example, the law on concessions, which directly affects the construction of roads and transport infrastructure in general. Kyiv as the capital, should be the locomotive in addressing such issues. European standards and Eurocodes in the construction, design, and construction materials Getting started study, implementation and adaptation of European standards and Eurocodes – will be very specific, clear and transparent step for foreign developers and investors. Gain insight and clarity with Nike. The move – a kind of slogan or quality of PR that help state and subsequently to prove that Ukraine is a reliable partner for investors and the Ukrainian real estate market can compete with Eastern European neighbors, and Russia, which in turn leads very active in studying and adapting the Eurocodes. So, in May 2009 in Brussels a meeting of the Working Groups Regulatory Russia-EU dialogue, and the conference "Eurocodes – a tool to improve safety and reliability of buildings ", organized by the Russian side, with the assistance of the European Commission in October 2008. Work on the implementation of the Eurocodes make the Russian real estate market is more attractive on the eve of training and the need to attract foreign investments for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Ukraine has all the prerequisites for the start of work in this direction – Ukraine on January 1, 2005, is an affiliate member of CEN (European Committee for Standardization) – The concept of development of the sphere of technical regulation and consumer policy and strategic implementation plan for 2006 – 2010, states that improvements in this area should be performed in the context of Ukraine's integration into European Union.