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Munich is the most expensive real estate market in Germany. Tenants pay 13 euros per square meter on average. While you complain one under the high rent, the others see as an opportunity. “Because who today in Munich to buy an apartment as an investment, can expect to be able to rent them reliably and at a high level”, says Michael Balek, Portfolio Manager at the Munich-based Group of euro Grundinvest. Bavaria’s Metropolis enjoys the reputation of a safe harbour”in the euro crisis.

A balanced economic structure and low vacancy rates guarantee stable prices for real estate investors. Also, the hotel market is benefiting from the growing tourism. Prudential has similar goals. That come more and more tourists, especially from the BRICs, in the city, also strengthens the prospects in the residential real estate sector. The Bavarian capital with their mix scores from global players, and medium-sized companies as tenants of commercial premises. The reason for the high rents is the discrepancy between supply and demand. Since the permanent demand, the offer new housing, however, slowly grows, thus increase the prices. Munich’s population is steadily rising. Due to the demographic situation, it is foreseeable that a geburtenstarke generation will live in the next few years.

Urbanization will draw young people into the cities. About the legacy of the generation of economic miracle”, most real estate experts agree, is to a high demand for new construction real estate in metropolitan areas continue. This development offers investors two quite different opportunities”, so Michael Balek. For those who can find a long-term commitment of capital and at the same time bring the necessary financial means, should over the purchase of real estate as an investment think so, for example, a condo. However, those who are looking for a shorter capital, may also only require far less capital than you for the purchase of a condo in Munich, offers “Euro Grundinvest investments with above-average return in a short term at.” More information: