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Awareness of the RatgeberNews blog for the media there was always enough material that it was able to present, where the Internet has made an unprecedented contribution as an additional source of information. Hardly a topic which was not discussed in a rapid growing number of blogs, which you could see entirely new, dominates the diversity of opinion at all. On the one hand a corresponding replacement of the domestic chair is very positive, on the other hand, it can be but also very depressing if you will give insight into the many different views, which can no longer rationally understand. Vehement defense strategies of obscure conspiracy theories and strange, esoteric and fundamental religious settings this long among the agenda. You can no longer deny that it gives many people of great difficulties to separate the “wheat from the chaff”, when it comes to the truth content of theories and information, the increasingly diverse distribution find, goes. Manipulations and Indoktrinierungen seem to be fruitful, which in turn often led to endless discussions, which could come to a constructive conclusion. Debates on the scientifically proven effectiveness of pseudo theories are quite high in the course, with a focus on individual lifestyles, individual faith and alternative-medicine contra Pharmalobby, doctor botched and deliberate political misdirection. Here, seems it because ultimately reconnaissance to ensure particularly inevitable for more to bear in mind is that whatever children are affected by corresponding unsustainable concepts (can be), which itself can not resist. Udo’s houses