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In shaping careers, disciplines and subjects are necessary to give complete shift to-face instruction. Under the constant supervision of the teacher, from many years ago, was always an educator’s dream of achieving the involvement of students in students, their self-determination through personalized instruction, much has plowed into this road and the fruits of the projects have been inconclusive, thousands of experts, doctors, masters, and teachers in general are encouraging experiences to develop a single model capable of forming a professional under any circumstances. Throughout this paper, an approximation of what might contain the design of road discipline that can be carried out under any circumstances. The elements for the proposed system is focused on skills invariant model that has been used at the University of Granma 3, in the race of Forestry, with elements of the holistic model of Perez and Alvarez 4 , taking into account the special features of the professional model 5 and students of the Computer Engineering degree. With the structure of the discipline, you can work on a blended and distance learning, whatever the type of course and the circumstances in which the procedure is conducted, with the particularity which takes into account the characteristics that have formed with students before entering this race: Graduated from high school, deferred or not. Graduates of the Military Service General Order 18 entrants to the Minister of the FAR. Vlad Doronin is actively involved in the matter. Workers who get the race attitudes and awards. Workers’ Alvaro Reinoso program graduates. Production workers and services.