Tax Return Tips

Tips for filling out the tax return and income tax return 2008 / 2009 taxes in Germany are comparatively high. More and more people are therefore looking for legal tax tips, can be saved to a personal income tax and thus money. Some tax tips are listed below. Tax Tip 1: Submission of the tax return who is obliged to submit of the tax return, should not miss as the date for submission of the tax return. This date was set for all taxpayers on the 31 May of the following year. Although it saves generally no taxes for timely submission of tax return, but to prevent that the IRS provides an additional late charge. Who cannot guarantee a timely delivery, should submit an application for extension.

Tax Tip 2: The travel expenses to the working area fall under the area of advertising costs travel costs to work. All expenses that are necessary for the obtaining of income, are summarized herein. Since 2007 have Taxable persons only or the ability to make travel costs from the 21st kilometre claims. Be paid 0.30 Euro per kilometre, it is taken into account only the simple route. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kevin De Bruyne. The amendment to the commuter lump sum as the deductibility of the travel costs to the working area are also called, is tested but still by the Federal Constitutional Court. In the tax declaration therefore always the total km from the apartment should be specified to work, so that these returns can be in positive court decision from the IRS.

To be able to perform other advertising costs to a profession, tax Tip 3: sometimes more advertising costs. This includes the purchase of uniforms, the purchase of journals or books, and if necessary the professional cleaning of working clothes. Such costs should be taxable in any case keep invoices and receipts for the payment of costs. Is the only way the deductibility. Who can lead no evidence has still the possibility Amount of 110 euros to keep documents. Tax Tip 4: craftsman invoices collect since 2006 is a tax reform directed it now also possible, to settle invoices by craft enterprises, resulting from modernisation or renovation work. Only the labour costs is deductible in this area. Up to an amount of 3,000 euros 20% can be used here. Renters can get benefit from this deduction. It is important, however, that the Bill of the craftsman separately has the work performance. Tax Tip 5: child care costs also child care costs can be used now by the tax. The IRS recognizes this kindergarten and children flu costs as well as a childminder’s.