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Today I want to teach a technique to you that aprendi of my friend and Partner of Businesses Daniel Arzuaga de Millonario de Casa, this technique would teach to You to Comunicarte with your readers by means of the process to write effective articles or for your blog, your gratuitous reports, any other thing that you do and that it has to do with writing to sell but products of affiliates or including your own products if you have or them. Boris gelfand understood the implications. This technique is so effective and the great experts of marketing by Internet use, I myself I every day use not only when writing article but also when trying to communicate to me with somebody or at the time of publishing some video, etc. personally. And To apply it I ask to You that you do not try To be an Expert in Better Marketing LEARNS TRADE. Many of us we thought that the reason who we did not make money in the Internet is because we do not have sufficient traffic to our page Web. The truth is that we can have all the traffic in the world but we do not know to turn the traffic to sales the traffic does not matter. This technique that I am going to teach to you is a technical outpost for comunicarte indeed and to be certainly you can have influence and convince the people who visit your page Web. This technique can help you to make 75% but money in your business. To this I use it Technique for the simple reason that works, one has occurred results me and mainly because, that to use the technique of the marketing of articles of effective communication, brings but traffic to me described blog and to my connections as affiliate and as result allows me to sell but products, remembers that the experts in use it every day to marketing and know that but visits is equal to but sales AND MAS MONEY.