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4. ions on the matter. Approaches of the motivation Scientifically 5 primary approaches to the motivation have been determined, that acting as a chain is related to each other, these are: 1. Approach of the motivation regarding the instincts. It is the motivation product of the loss of the biological normal energy levels that the organism must have: Sugar example, levels in the blood, regulated by means of the food ingestion, caused by the motivation (pulsin) of the hunger. While he is greater the deviation of the equilibrium state, major will be pulsin.2.

Approach regarding the reduction of pulsiones. Each person conserves a certain level of stimulation and of activity, where the deviations can be positive or negative, that is the people that are with low levels of stimulation will look for to increase them, whereas the people which they have high levels of stimulation look for reducirlos.3. Approaches regarding excitation. The people can be motivated to conduct battle in the absence of motivation by pulsin, for example, in the absence of hunger, the people can be motivated by incentives, in this case some postre.4. Approaches regarding incentives. To stimulate is an external key that activates the motivation.

Therefore if the individual is put under the appropriate incentives, its motivation can in particular be activated or be deactivated towards something. For example, if an individual continuously it is put under to him incentives that bring about hunger, could present/display serious problems of overweight later. That is to say, the repeated actions can become habits, of there the importance of the incentives to develop habits. 5. Mental approaches Are the paper that carry out the thoughts, the unconscious one, the expectations and the understanding of the real world to activate the motivation, for example the expectations which they have when developing certain type of activities of correct form, the knowledge to reach a wished goal, activate the motivation towards the activities that will take to us to reach this goal.