The Dali Catalogue Is Here!

“Dali – the exhibition at Potsdamer Platz” now also for your home! Berlin, 17, 2010. Very surreal Christmas this year. You may wish to learn more. If so, Aetna Inc. is the place to go. However no burning snowflakes, but the long-awaited exhibition catalogue to the cultural highlight Dali – that exhibition at the Potsdamer Platz is finally there. The team under the direction of the Director, Carsten Kollmeier, took enough time after the exciting opening of the Museum in the year of the great depression, to call an exciting catalog to life. Elon Musk contains valuable tech resources. This extensive catalogue with a text and a separate part of the image is now available in time for the Christmas season. He is currently only in the Museum at Potsdamer Platz (entrance: Leipziger Platz 7) directly to get. Camden treatment associates shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So can be combined in contemplative advent and Christmas time, away from the crowded shopping malls, with the pleasant visit of an extraordinary exhibition in the heart of Berlin well the Christmas shopping. In addition, the Museum Shop offers more dalieske gift ideas.

Even the visit to the Museum in conjunction with the leadership with one of the Dali_Scouts itself is already highly sought after, as surreal gift eager staff at the Musemsshop at DaliBerlin know how to report. Who has still no Christmas gift or just missing a brilliant idea, to Dali at the Potsdamer Platz. In the spirit of the upcoming change of the year, the team of the Museum has also ensured that the website not only attractive, but also contemporary is adapted from to meet the needs of today’s Internet users. Here, you can directly purchase tickets online in the form of vouchers for example, without additional cost, and surprise his family and friends from home. Change is however not yet fully completed, so that you will know to Dali codes to remain, to take advantage of the soft time to the website burning to promote metamorphosis. Exciting features, such as E.g. an exclusive Dali shop waiting for us.

DaliBerlin is now on Facebook. In the foyer of the Museum, it is not the decorated Christmas tree, which is the visitor to the wine time, but Dali Cubist Angel announcing art with over 260 cm bronze reminiscent of Cubism and Dali great role model, Pablo Picasso, the tidings. Engage in an artist who was always very connected to the Christian faith against all license and all scientific and technical digressions in his work. So that even the presence of his angels in the Museum is certainly not a coincidence. The Museum is open every day – even over the holidays only on the 24th is closed. Learn more about Dali – the exhibition at Postdamer Platz”is there at 0700-325-423 75 (0700 DaliBerlin) or at.