The Department

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Commenting on a day with a friend from college to that found on the street, this tells you that it has reached an agreement with his boss, and now makes schedule of morning, with which in the evenings is with their children. Excited, Ana proposes it to Paco, his boss, who refuses in round. -It seems impossible, Ana, I propose that, so many years here, already know the amount of work that we have delayed, and I still propose working fewer hours – but Paco, working from seven to three alone would be one hour less, and work that will make the nine-hour split day is probably capable of doing so at eight in the morning, and I’m also willing to charge a little less for that hour not working – ifyou sure you’re doing the same job then what you telling me, do that now you scratch you belly? That said, you know that there is much backlog, so do not talk more. Ana goes to his bleak house. After a few days pondering it, says his boss to leave work.

Hard to Paco understand it. One day your employee’s life makes a pretty absurd request, and within a few days will be of the company. Paco hires Agnes, a young graduate with several years of experience in a company from the competition. Ines is organized and has a good command of the computing. In a short time, get another way to organize the Department, and brings forward all the work that had delayed.

In addition, prepare a few dynamic worksheets related to program management through ODBC, which has some pretty interesting reports in real time, without having to spend countless hours. Which means extra time to make even more tasks. It seems that things have greatly improved. However, there is something that worries Paco. This girl always comes out at eight o’clock, does not a minute more.