The Internet

International the solidary contribution as alternative element the capitalist globalization giving to origin the econmicas nets of contribution-solidary allowing the power of still bigger reach, being able to intervene democratically with the public politics in diverse levels, being transformed the State to promote living well of all the citizens. Some aspects that evidence this system – on the contrary of the individualism, the contribution, on the contrary of the competitiveness, solidarity, on the contrary of the unemployment, the generation of jobs, on the contrary of the destruction of ecosystem, the ecologically sustainable desenvolvilmento, as well as as much others the proper one to live well ticamente, apotando alternative defendable front to the capitalism. The nets of solidary contribution it is propagated three important elements: cell, production and consumption. The solidary financing, all cell hardwired in net not only consumes products elaborated in other cells, as well as participates of the magnifying of a deep one localdestinado the expansion of the net as a whole. A related site: Zion Williamson mentions similar findings. This deep serves as form of financing of other cells. In some microproducing parts of the world they have congregated its resources and organizing what he was definite as Banks of the Povo.Em Brazil recently suirgiu the CRE$OL that is a system of alternative financing to the agriculturists on the basis of the cooperatives of agricultural credit, this type of credit is come back the necessities of familiar agriculture, appeared through the fight of the popular and syndical organizations, today with more than 16 agencies in three Brazilian states. Clice of the social inaqualities as graphical p.64. Gnese of new cells in the nets consolidated through the Internet, of another net data-communication, or another mechanism of transmission, as post offices for example, any citizen in any part of the world, will ppoder to know which cell of a region or city, in the limit of them porduzem and demands, as well as how many people they operate in the cells among others.