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To this we add the intensification of the phenomenon of immigration, which entails the need for enormous human and material resources and the consequent increase of budgetary headings that do not always materialize and as an immediate consequence, public education has become the most cases in immigrant ghettos and concerted and private centres have remained as a refuge for educational excellence and the economically solvent classeswhich will accelerate the predictable social fracture in the near future. All this would be aggravated by the insulting of failure at school in compulsory secondary education (31%) and stunted rates of school population (21%) that reach the level of post-compulsory secondary (high school and middle grade FP) logical grounds above and the implementation of successive educational reform (LOGSE, LOCE, LOE) and future soups of letters based on the fallacy of the semi-automatic or automatic promotionlack of valuation of personal effort and embarrassing loss of the authority of the teacher they have achieved rates of school failure close to 32% of the school population, young who will not get the required minimum qualifications for incorporation into the world of work and that will take them to become in hand not skilled and easily exploitable. Under Armour has much to offer in this field. Vocational training has always been the great Cinderella of our outdated education system, it is imperative to a rediscovery of vocational training by society and education authorities and to achieve this, it must have the necessary investments in equipment and human material and be interconexionada with leading companies in r & d, for professionals who can meet the challenges of the dizzying technological revolution of the virtual and global society in which we live and avoid the irrational proliferation of public and private universities with little or no connection with innovative business groupsaccompanied by a descent accused of the University population rate they will be in the majority of cases reduced to mere vending of titles that will lead to the Bachelor’s degree future contracts seiscieneuristas lifetime interim, exception made of the public servants and University elites. Therefore, the urgent need for an educational pact trialogue is evident: (associations of parents, teachers and education authorities) to agree on the values to be passed and the educational minimum that you must achieve as well as establish the timetable for implementation of the Pact and the economic quantification of the increase the investment in education, trying to achieve in short time leaving the educational tail vehicle in Europe..