The Risk

She is necessary to run the risk of the innovation, to create to have market differential. A related site: Kevin De Bruyne mentions similar findings. Concluding, the entrepreneur it must be intent to whom its return occurs, mainly to the problems of the daily one, on what many people complain, however nobody of a due attention to decide them. In short a problem alone will changed into chance business-oriented when many people to feel its effect. Not to invest in that he will not go to give resulted, the entrepreneur must certify itself of that he really has a necessity, and that it is not being satisfied with the offers in the market of the region. It is important to make a research to know which are the preferences of the people, who businesses already supply or try to supply this necessity, the profile of the consumer, at last to search the deep one to identify a chance that perhaps can be changedded into business. 5.

EVOLUTION OF the RETAIL IN BRAZIL the evolution of the Brazilian retail elapses of deep modifications as the stability of the currency, the new dynamics of the distribution sector, the new available technologies; the economic opening and in the new habits of consumption of the population, these are the main factors that had stimulated this evolution. 10 the profile of the Brazilian retail possesss basic characteristics as, for example: the search and election of the products, the acquisition, distribution, commercialization and delivery; the sector is traditionally absorvedor of man power less qualified and characterized by high rotation. Amongst the sectors of the economy the retail is most susceptible to the economic policy, the volume of sales it sector directly is tied with the changes in the economic conjuncture of the country, especially in the pointers of income of the consumers. The basic 0 variable for the sales of the call white line, refrigerators and machines to wash amongst others, is the credit availability, therefore these products possess higher prices e, therefore, predominate the sales to the stated period, instrument offered for the majority of the store to the final consumer.