The System

It can be perceived that the communication today has the effective paper of support for a well structuralized model of management and needs to have the capacity to take the company and all make that it to more face together the challenges of the society and the market each time competitive. At last, if it waits that the comunicacional system inside of the organization, reaches its main objective, that is to involve receiving and emitting in one I dialogue democratic and open, where the strategy of the company is based on the social and ethical principles. Valley to add that the System of modern Communication congregates, among others, the marketing and enterprise interest, separate throughout history for being considered antagonistic, this because while first if the return for the commercialization, as if worries about the image of the organization. However, Kunsch (1997) beyond joining these interests in an only system, adds one third, that it is accurately the internal communication, located the institucional and marketing sources side by side, in order to find the effectiveness enterprise. The integrated communication allows that if it establishes one global politics, in function of a bigger coherence between the programs, of a common language and a homogeneous behavior, beyond if preventing overlappings of tasks. The diverse sectors work of joint form, having before the eyes the general objectives of the organization and at the same time respecting the specific objectives of each one. (KUNSCH, 1997, p.115) Hardly the communication inside of an organization will obtain to legitimize itself and if to affirm in the internal universe of the company, if it will not have a serious strategical commitment. If the communication manager will not have such strategy very traced well, will run the risk to leave its irrelevant work, taking little or no value for the efficiency of the organization. Torquato (1986, P. 57-58) detaches in well simple way some strategies it company to manage its system of communication.