VAT – Rules On Invoicing

Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed calculations are crucial for the recognition of costs as a business expense. If certain formal requirements are not met, the deduction can be deprived even in hindsight. It is so important that each individual account is checked for correctness. What information in an invoice are mandatory, explains the tax advisor Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg. Checklist: mandatory in invoices financial administration the deductions from invoices an entrepreneur lets only if they contain the information required in sections 14 and 14a UStG. An invoice must therefore contain the following mandatory information: – the full name and the full address of the company/customers – the date of issue of the invoice – the tax or VAT identification number – the unique and sequential invoice number, the amount and the commercial designation of the object of delivery or the way the scope of the respective service – the date the Delivery or performance – the applicable tax rate or a note on tax exemption – disaggregated tax rates pay for the services, the fee for the delivery or other service, any each in advance agreed price reduction (z.B discounts, bonuses, discounts), if not already taken into account in the payment – a note provided services in connection with a plot of land to private individuals, must be made on the hold of the Bill by two years for detailed information about mandatory in bills pending the tax advisor Gunter Zielinski Hamburg at any time at the disposal. Press contact: Contact person: Gunter Zielinski – Steuerberater Rolfinckstrasse 37 22391 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-10 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-121 E-Mail: Homepage: