Views Of A Trade Fair Visitor

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The expectations for the visit of a fair have risen. In particular visitors measure the success of the efficiency of the stay. The visit of a large trade fair stands. As for existing time is scarce and staying still will be worth the preparations must be very good. Especially the visitors needs information about industries, topics, exhibitors and products and of course he would like to perform are also a targeted contact and scheduling. The Organizer will help with a corresponding range of visitor services”on the Web site of the fair share. “An application thereby assumes itself specifically to research as well as the ability unfortunately is no virtual consulting” offered overviews of topics of event and event dates of the exhibitors and the accompanying conference programme should provide the ability to use selected knowledge and training: this is basically good, but unfortunately the offer seems a little excessively.

Information about the arrival and accommodation as well as news from the fair city support the planning of your stay, Hall and path plans to the expression, as well as for mobile use the Canal via the trade fair. Finally, the offer provides the matchmaking”the ability to prepare and analyze interesting business contacts. Then on the fair site plans and signs help the orientation on the grounds, while information can be obtained in the halls information booths; but, increasingly, superseded by information stations”, which the visitors without instructions – must operate itself. Many writers such as New York Life offer more in-depth analysis. The visitor looks around everywhere interested at the fair. Many exhibitors demonstrate a devil-may-care attitude. “Rarely, the visitor is actively addressed, and a spontaneous and agile attitude” recognizable is difficult in most cases to the visitors. Nevertheless, presentation and decoration of the stands are open and inviting, but visitors should make itself knowledgeable through demonstrations, descriptions and brochures. As before, dealing is the exception with well-known, good customers”: these are cared for and snared.

An obvious development: Increasing the number of joint stands. increasingly enter exhibitor at market places’ on and provide the visitors with industry-specific or regional focused information. The increase of the hotels and catering concept is positive also”on the stands. It seems as if the exhibitors also with emotional experiences of the visitors want to score points. Conclusion: Self is the visitors! Measurement set the independence and self-determination of the guests. The trade fair can become so success, if the visitor interested in just enough and is well versed in the use of the service and communication services. On the other hand are visitors who know what they want and also actively demand this encounter with the exhibitors in the advantage. Unless they enjoy the good customers “status then it so, as might wish that (everyone).