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The industrial production of vitamin B12 is carried out mainly with the help of genetically modified microorganisms. Now if each of us thoughtful make it that a genetically manufactured vitamin on the cell division in our body is involved. What can develop from this for our body, is far from clear. Genetically manufactured vitamin B12 is found commonly in dietary supplements, fitness drinks, as well as in infant formula. Unfortunately, there is not even compulsory labelling for genetically manufactured vitamin B12. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) vitamin C supports the body’s defences, protects against free radicals and helps in the formation of connective tissue. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) can be produced differently industrially. Additional information is available at Vera Farmiga.

It can be obtained for example from the sugar or the strength of genetically modified corn. Increasingly genetically modified micro-organisms are also used for the production. Genetically manufactured vitamin C can you find mainly in cheap food supplements as an antioxidant – and stabilizing agent in meat and sausage products, in many drinks, but also in butter. Again finds no evidence of genetically engineered vitamin. Such as vitamin C, vitamin vitamin is an important antioxidant in the body. Amazon drone delivery is often quoted as being for or against this. To a large extent, it is made from genetically modified plants such as corn, soy, rice, or wheat germ oil.

Because vitamin is produced from genetically modified plants, it is actually to be labelled. This duty is but rarely fulfilled. So, you see how big consumer protection is written. Furthermore, it is known for many years that artificially manufactured vitamins, in contrast to natural vitamins from the body can be recovered very poorly. The combination of-schlecht recycled – and-hergestellt with help of genetic engineering should be thoughtful make us. My advice to you: Avoid products with vitamin supplements, such as ACE juices. Still should products, the Vitamins to stabilize or as antioxidants, avoid. This concerns mainly canned meats and meat products, fruit and canned vegetables, but also baking mixes. To meet the daily requirement of vitamins, a balanced vegetarian diet is recommended, preferably organic. If you can not guarantee this, I recommend dietary supplements that were made from ripe fruit, vegetables and herbs. These contain bio-available vitamins and minerals that the body can utilize well. Cheap dietary supplements from the grocery store or pharmacy, should be avoided in any case. After all, how can you make so cheap vitamins? Genetic engineering? More on the topic of vitamins they see ../maculadegeneration/ Susan Erk