This advantage provide by themselves. 18. The words 'who else …' Who else wants to write a book? Who else think that it is difficult to learn to sing? Who else wants to buy an alarm system trouble-free? The words 'Who else …' in the title is very noticeable. They assume that someone has bought something that is advertised, and reading an ad, too, can buy it. 19.

Use the warranty Warranty: This carpet will never stains! We guarantee: you pass through mud, snow and ice. If you get stuck – otbuksiruem free! We live in an age of skepticism. Therefore, if possible, always mention of guarantees in the header (later write about this in detail). If readers find out about the guarantee of header, the probability that they will read your advertisement increases. 20. You can also mention the disadvantages we in second place, but we try our chef can not cook just salads. Recognizing your weaknesses, you win the trust of readers.

Advertising too often offers miraculous products and services. If what you're proposing in its title, is almost miraculous, more people will believe your advertising. 21. Focus on the positive end result will be the whiter teeth in 10 days Lose 35 pounds in 30 days! Do not induce negative emotions of readers hoping to better sell their goods. People buy the hopes and dreams, so header is always better to put the words' good health ', not' get rid of fat. " Not to scare away your customers headlines like: "Yellow teeth are ugly ', it is better to attract the end result to which they try: "Teeth are whiter!" Do not forget that people buy a 'healing rather than cure', ie the end result, not a means.